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 BACTERM'S™ researchers through ground breaking technology have discovered and developed a revolutionary paint.  We suggest you test our paint within your own laboratory to determine its effectiveness against bacteria. We will subtract your expenses from a placed order.  Pre approval required contact info@bacterm.com


Microbterm, Inc is an Institutional member of the Community and Hospital Infection Control Assoc.

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"EPA registers copper-containing alloy products" 

"These products are registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act's.  No "unreasonable adverse effects" standard.  These products pose no risks to public health; copper products have been in use for centuries, and we know of no harm from such use.

The products have been rigorously tested and have demonstrated antimicrobial activity...  The Agency has concluded that the use of these products could provide a benefit as a supplement to existing infection control measures"


New Movie: Contagion shows what can happen if we don't reduce passing germs to each other. Description: An action-thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak. Movie released September 9th. starring Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard. Video URL Trailer:


What are the properties of our antimicrobial Copper: 

According to Government Agencies, Antimicrobial Copper is an anti mold, anti fungus odor fighting, germ, virus, bacteria fighting permanent coating.  Known to kill MRSA, C. DIff, VRE, Staph and others,  Good Health practices should continue to be followed when using Antimicrobial Copper.   

Bacteria reduction is possible.  Having a permanent coated self sanitizer is possible.  Having an anti mold anti fungus permanent coating is possible.  Lowering the development of superbugs is possible.  Having last a long time is possible.  Making your part of the world healthier is possible.  But we need your help.

For sales or information email  info@bacterm.com or call 704-960-3610 and ask for sales or technical assistance.


Is Bacteria really a threat? 

According to leading scientists in a documentary aired on the History Channel Bacteria is the second most likely way to end mankind out of 7 possibilities.  Named Last Days on Earth , narrated by Romyazul and available by clicking on the following link:  


Anderson CNN's Chief Medical Examiner on Oct.19,11 discusses germs everywhere and are you safe.  Click following link:


What's an example of a microbe carrying germ?


MRSA a form of Staphylococcus or "Staph" infections often occur in health care facilities and locker rooms. This is flesh eating bacteria.   


Clostridium difficile:  Another difficult bacteria is not killed by alcohol gel wipes.  Search "C Diff " for more information. C. Diff has thousands of deaths, becoming more prevelant than MRSA. 


 Imagine the spread of these forms of bacteria in your Schools,  Restaurants, Hotels, your Day Care Center, Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Gyms, Office Buildings, your own Home, and just about everywhere people gather. 


 Or what about the flu, colds, e coli, salmonella, or  staph, everyone will disrupt your schedule cause rescheduling issues, lose sales and cause your children to stay home from school.


We suggest defending yourselves. Consider recommending our product Bacterm™ to establishments in your part of the world. 

Reduce the amount of germs on a surface and the development of superbugs.

How many germs are on a surface?


Germs are grouped into colonies.  A colony can have anywhere from 1 to billions of microbes.  A colony reproduces every 20 minutes.  Mathematically speaking just one colony placed on a surface from one person  touching it, will grow to 1,073,741,824 colonies in 10 hours if none die.  Basically if you do not constantly clean, you are subject to passing some of these germs onto the next person touching the surface called cross contamination.  


Cross Contamination:

Every time you are in contact with something, you drop off and pick up bacteria.  Everyone touching a surface therefore cross contaminates it.  The later you are in between cleanings the more germs present, since they double in quantity every 20 minutes. Your body can counteract a certain amount of these germs, the later in the cleaning cycle the more germs your body will have to combat.    If the surface was germ free, you could drop off more germs than you pick up. 


How does it work?


BACTERM™ is a revolutionary, copper-laden, permanent coating applied to everyday surfaces.


According to the EPA, antimicrobial copper maintains its ability to kill bacteria after repeated contamination and abrasion, both wet and dry. Laboratory tests confirmed Bacterm had no leaching during a 7 hour test and lasts millions of hand-rubs! 


The lab Results tab shows 99.9% effective in 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Microbes reproduce in 20 minutes! We sell paint.  These results are tested on Bacterm, but we only claim to sell paint.  You need to conduct your own tests. 


How effective is the product?


"EPA approved  three protocols, The required test results show that the antimicrobial copper kills bacteria, that it stays effective at killing bacteria even after wet and dry abrasion (to prove that its antimicrobial property will not wear away), and it continuously kills bacteria after repeated contamination.  The efficacy tests were conducted against six different kinds of bacteria in accord with EPA Good Laboratory Practices. We solely use this EPA tested and approved materials and represent 100% of the ingredients of the Bacterm Hand Wand, was effective in killing MRSA one of the most virulent strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria and a common cause of hospital and community-acquired infections.  These properties should be particularly advantageous in applications where the surface is frequently touched or areas of concern for cross contamination.


  Microbterm, uses a multi dimensional approach with the copper alloy by touching the microbes on three sides within the paint.


* Modern Casting, June 2008 p41-43 "Bacteria Killer"


Bacterm™ consists of all EPA and or FDA approved ingredients.  


Contact us by email at info@bacterm.com