Microbterm, Inc.

BACTERM'S researchers through ground breaking technology have discovered and developed a Revolutionary paint that protects surfaces.  We suggest testing our paint within your own laboratory for its effectiveness against bacteria.

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      Microbterm, Inc.     

          Advisory Board


Members of the Advisory Board include


 Daniel Sabbia, a European Entreprenuer  who speaks 7 languages with multiple dialects, holding 2 patents. Mr. Sabbia has sucessfully founded and sold two multi million dollar companies having in excess of 70,000 sales people.


Jim Kniffen, President

Gulfstream Mergers & Acqusitions

President of Gulfstream Mergers & Acquisitions, Mr. Kniffen has over 25 years business experience as an entreprenuer and owner of 5 sucessful companies. With his diversified background, Mr. Kniffen brings a unique sense of the Buyers' and Sellers' needs to a business sale transaction.
Mr. Kniffen has 25 years and extensive expertise in Business and Corporate Valuation, Reverse Mergers, Commercial, Government, and alternate sources of financing, and Business Transaction Consulting.

MEMBER of the Alliance of Merger & Alliance Advisors and Charter Member of Association of Professional Merger and Acquisition Advisors.

President:    J. Austin Scheibel Mr. Scheibel's primarily been involved within the financial markets and early in his career he worked as an efficiency expert for the Hyatt Hotels Corp. Mr. Scheibel worked as a stockbroker with a major firm before transferring to a regional company.  Vice President of Product Development and Director of Research overseeing 132 offices.  Mr. Scheibel also managed funds for the World Food Shortage in the late 1980's and was appointed to manage the funds for the Chinese Government Retirement Account for 5 years. BBA University of Hawaii, Grad work New York Institute of Finance and Arizona State University.  Contact email: ascheibel@bacterm.com 


Executive Vice President:   Michael J. Raymond,  As a business process engineer for fifteen years, Raymond served Fortune 1000 companies throughout the United States in health care, financial, commercial and industrial markets. Manager of the technical support group for a national document management company for 12 years, directing product design and program deployments.  As an industrial designer, Raymond has created corporate instructional seminars, marketing software tools and residential amenity centers.  Experienced in business operations, marketing and change management.  Formerly an environmental engineer for the town of Bluffton SC, he now serves as a councilman and county commissioner, in addition to his capacity as EVP at Microbterm, Inc.


 Research:    Seeking additional personnel. 

Ronald E. Lisec, Ph.D.NT

Experience 1972-73 Bacteriology Research, 1973-1974 Epilepsy Research; 1973 to 2010 Optical and Lighting Research, 2005 to Present Antimicrobial Research.    Holds three patents in three different disciplines including antimicrobial, lighting and detection.  Holds one patent pending and is the father of our product after five years of extensive research. Dr. Lisec runs the laboratory,  directs the logging of every ingredient. every machine change and personnel on each run.  Dr Lisec examines, and samples every phase of the manufacturing process .  Dr. Lisec is listed on Manufactures' News Inc, Merchants Circle, and Top 100 inventors.  Education:  Ph.D.NT from Thron University.  


Vice President European Markets:    Dr. Wolfgang Heinzen

 Medical Hospital Experience: Hospital planning for all facility techniques and administrations,

consultancy, tender processing, installation of system technology, medical equipment and supply, medical gas supply, renovation and careful restorations of complete operating sections, technical and medical staff recruiting and special teaching for European personal for all Arabic hospital projects in different countries. Medical performance for preventative maintenance for all US Armed Forces and Air Force hospitals and special clinics. - Medical Center in Wiesbaden 600 beds;  in Stuttgart with 500 beds; Augsburg with 450 beds; Ramstein with 1500 beds, (largest US center in all European countries) - General Hospital Frankfurt / Main with 1150 beds; Medical Center Rhein Main Air Base, Frankfurt / Main; Medical Center and Special Laboratory in Pirmasens. 

Key Qualifications: Planning and consulting of medical equipment and apparatus including all technical data, mechanical and electrical problem solutions, medical engineering as well as calculation, tendering, contract awards for international suppliers of medical- and laboratory equipment, site supervisions in different continents, delegated from the German government of Berlin. Specialist for X-ray diagnostic / therapy, nuclear medicine, NMR and ultrasonic?s, electro-medicine, intensive care units, functional diagnostic; bio signal analysis, sterilisation, disinfection, operation, nursing, pharmacy, kitchen, laundry, various helicopter rescue systems, expert for industrial and various medical appraisals since 1985.   Education:  European Engineer, approved, qualified, and certified in Brussels 1994; - Dr.-Engineer, certified in 1990 Dipl.-Economic-Engineer uni-department: production, economics certified 1981.  Contact: wheinzen@bacterm.com


Vice President Philippines Nelson S. David   Mr David will be opening our office in January 2012.  Mr. David owns and operates Two Sharks Beach Resort near Subic Bay and is considered to be very influential in the Philippine market.  Mr David has 30 years of experience within the hotel industry.  BA Political Science, MBA History.  email: ndavid@bacterm.com
Middle East, Africa, CIS countries and the Levant Region:  Solutions Trading LLC. in Dubai, UAE. Contact Mr. Mujahed Shamsi,cell: +971(0) 50-4216364 email: shessem@eim.ae

Vice President Government Sales: John D. Bentley

Lived in Germany 15 years performing the duties of Service Contractor for the United States Army.  Sold various supply items through GSA and the Army contracting offices.  Mr. Bentley sold products by the ton in many instances and has a thorough knowledge of working and procuring orders from domestic and foreign governments.  Mr. Bentley successfully developed internet marketing campaigns for big ticket products.  In addition to being a licensed builder and remodeled for North and South Carolina.  He won the following awards as a builder Lowes Chrysalis and NAHB.   Mr. Bentley skills are beneficial Governmentally, Corporately and meeting the homeowners needs.   Member MENSA, Military US Army Special Forces and 173rd Airborne Viet Nam.  BA Economics N. Carolina State Univ.  Contact: jbentley@bacterm.com


Joseph W. Long, MSN an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner,  and former Professor on Infectious Diseases, has joined our firm, after diligently examining Bacterm.   Although Joseph does not have sales experience his belief in Bacterm resulted in Joseph leaving his nursing career to help reduce the spread of bacteria in the world.  Mr. Long has proven himself to be capable of answering your most technical questions.  Contact: jlong@bacterm.com
John Ritchie:  Large Venues Manager to include professional sports. Certified Green  Professional


Douglas J. Millsaps:  Manager Texas Operations located in Houston Texas. Contact: dmillsaps@bacterm.com


Sheila Patton, Manager Nevada Operations  Sheila is a property manager and long time resident in Nevada having relationships and contacts throughout the state. 

Presently looking for a Director of Research with experience with epoxies and EPA approvals.  Bacterial experience and surfactant knowledge a plus.     Leave a message under contact me, if you want to be considered for these positions


All personnel can be contacted by calling our toll free number 866 - 594  3277